My full list of papers can be found at my Google Scholar.

Implicit Chain of Thought Reasoning via Knowledge Distillation
Yuntian Deng, Kiran Prasad, Roland Fernandez, Paul Smolensky, Vishrav Chaudhary, Stuart Shieber.
In submission

WildChat: 1M ChatGPT Interaction Logs in the Wild
Wenting Zhao, Xiang Ren, Jack Hessel, Claire Cardie, Yejin Choi, Yuntian Deng.
ICLR 2024 Spotlight & used in Anthropic's Claude 3 for evaluating refusals

Tree Prompting: Efficient Task Adaptation without Fine-Tuning
John Xavier Morris*, Chandan Singh*, Alexander M. Rush, Jianfeng Gao, Yuntian Deng.
EMNLP 2023

Markup-to-Image Diffusion Models with Scheduled Sampling
Yuntian Deng, Noriyuki Kojima, Alexander M. Rush.
ICLR 2023

Semi Parametric Inducing Point Networks
Richa Rastogi, Yair Schiff, Alon Hacohen, Zhaozhi Li, Ian Lee, Yuntian Deng, Mert R. Sabuncu, Volodymyr Kuleshov.
ICLR 2023

Model Criticism for Long-Form Text Generation
Yuntian Deng, Volodymyr Kuleshov, Alexander M Rush.
EMNLP 2022

GenSLMs: Genome-scale language models reveal SARS-CoV-2 evolutionary dynamics
Maxim Zvyagin*, Alexander Brace*, Kyle Hippe*, Yuntian Deng*, Bin Zhang, Cindy Orozco Bohorquez, Austin Clyde, Bharat Kale, Danilo Perez-Rivera, Heng Ma, Carla M. Mann, Michael Irvin, J. Gregory Pauloski, Logan Ward, Valerie Hayot, Murali Emani, Sam Foreman, Zhen Xie, Diangen Lin, Maulik Shukla, Weili Nie, Josh Romero, Christian Dallago, Arash Vahdat, Chaowei Xiao, Thomas Gibbs, Ian Foster, James J. Davis, Michael E. Papka, Thomas Brettin, Rick Stevens, Anima Anandkumar, Venkatram Vishwanath, Arvind Ramanathan.
ACM Gordon Bell Special Prize for Covid Research

Low-Rank Constraints for Fast Inference in Structured Models
Justin Chiu*, Yuntian Deng*, Alexander M. Rush.
NeurIPS 2021

Sequence-to-Lattice Models for Fast Translation
Yuntian Deng, Alexander M. Rush.
EMNLP 2021 Findings

Rationales for Sequential Predictions
Keyon Vafa, Yuntian Deng, David Blei, Alexander Rush.
EMNLP 2021 (oral)

Residual Energy-Based Models for Text
Anton Bakhtin*, Yuntian Deng*, Sam Gross, Myle Ott, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Arthur Szlam.
JMLR 2021

Cascaded Text Generation with Markov Transformers
Yuntian Deng, Alexander M. Rush.
NeurIPS 2020

Residual Energy-Based Models for Text Generation
Yuntian Deng, Anton Bakhtin, Myle Ott, Arthur Szlam, Marc'Aurelio Ranzato.
ICLR 2020

AdaptivFloat: A Floating-point based Data Type for Resilient Deep Learning Inference
Thierry Tambe, En-Yu Yang, Zishen Wan, Yuntian Deng, Vijay Janapa Reddi, Alexander Rush, David Brooks, Gu-Yeon Wei.
DAC 2020 (Best Paper)

Neural Linguistic Steganography
Zachary Ziegler*, Yuntian Deng*, Alexander Rush.
EMNLP 2019 (oral)

Challanges in end-to-end neural scientific table recognition
Yuntian Deng, David Rosenberg, Gideon Mann.
ICDAR 2019

Latent Alignment and Variational Attention
Yuntian Deng*, Yoon Kim*, Justin Chiu, Demi Guo, Alexander M. Rush.
NIPS 2018

Bottom-Up Abstractive Summarization
Sebastian Gehrmann, Yuntian Deng, Alexander Rush.
EMNLP 2018

Image-to-Markup Generation with Coarse-to-Fine Attention
Yuntian Deng, Anssi Kanervisto, Jeffrey Ling, and Alexander M. Rush.
ICML 2017

OpenNMT: Open-Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation
Guillaume Klein, Yoon Kim, Yuntian Deng, Jean Senellart, Alexander M. Rush.
ACL Demo 2017 (Best Demo Runner-up)

Learning Latent Space Models with Angular Constraints
Pengtao Xie, Yuntian Deng, Yi Zhou, Abhimanu Kumar, Yaoliang Yu, James Zou, Eric P Xing.
ICML 2017

Neural Machine Translation with Recurrent Attention Modeling
Zichao Yang, Zhiting Hu, Yuntian Deng, Chris Dyer, Alex Smola.
EACL 2017

Dropout with expectation-linear regularization
Xuezhe Ma, Yingkai Gao, Zhiting Hu, Yaoliang Yu, Yuntian Deng, Eduard Hovy.
ICLR 2017

Learning Concept Taxonomies from Multi-modal Data
Hao Zhang, Zhiting Hu, Yuntian Deng, Mrinmaya Sachan, Zhicheng Yan, Eric P. Xing.
ACL 2016

Diversifying Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Document Modeling
Pengtao Xie, Yuntian Deng, Eric P. Xing.
KDD 2015

Entity Hierarchy Embedding
Zhiting Hu, Poyao Huang, Yuntian Deng, Yingkai Gao, Eric P. Xing.
ACL 2015